Chinese zodiac 2018 – Dogs Year

What awaits you in 2018?

The dog’s year

What awaits us in 2018 in the Year of the Chinese Earth Dog? First, it will not be boring the year, it seems pretty busy: there will be a lot of social movement that will endure and accept tolerance for the utmost to avoid unnecessary conflicts. You can also read here about 2018, year of the dog.

The importance of the year lies in learning the importance of dialogue and solidarity. Unfortunately, in the world, there is a lot of selfishness, greed and ignorance.

Lifestyle and health

The 2018 Earth Dog Year is a good opportunity to change your lifestyle (to quit smoking or change your place of residence) and to start new business. However, it is expected that some will experience short loneliness or transient melancholia, but this sensitive situation nourishes creative minds. For others, these moments can deliver a boost in their lifecycle, which they will not experience in the next 10 years. Individuals whose energy map of China’s astrological elements shows the excess of water and wood are more sensitive than others in 2018 Earth’s Dog Fluctuations.

Money, careers and luck

Satisfaction and joy will be available to those who did everything they did last year for the success of the projects.

Additionally, people who have the Earth element in the Chinese horoscope allow them the stability of 2018 as a whole to confidently and efficiently organize their personal and professional lives. Earth is powered by Fire and Metal. So the creative cycle of Fire, Earth and Metal means that money can be obtained for those who choose to choose the right path.

Companies promoting the well-being and health of consumers, especially those working in the field of recycling and renewable energy, can increase their revenue through increased investments.

According to five elements of Chinese astrology, in the creative cycle Earth creates the Metal. In order to gain a gratifying performance throughout the year, let us show solidarity and fraternity courageously to transform the noble and powerful justice of the Earth Dog into material and spiritual riches.

The whims and eccentricities of Fire Coke have been forgotten! The dog’s year does not contribute to waste and unnecessary expenses. In 2018, success, love, and quality of work depend primarily on the quality of communication between people, and learning altruism and generosity can result in “harvest”.

Society and Innovation

In the Chinese calendar, the 60 year-old Earth Dog Year also shows the “state of mankind”: education, morality, social norms, and the quality of health is a fundamental issue that shows not only the power of societies but the emotional-emotional- as well. Key questions such as elderly care and health care are raised. We need to focus on this. This generates the appearance of new authors and philosophers, as does the re-release of the forgotten texts of great classical writers and poets. We need to wake up and feed this collective consciousness.

We can also expect new ambitious industrial projects to be born, completely transforming the way production and utilization of energy sources, especially in the solar field, which has now matured sufficiently. Any initiative that contributes to reducing pollution and improving the quality of life will be supported and financed by most states, major industrial and financial institutions in the world.

Actions based solely on individual leadership and demagogy are rejected by the majority and in this period we rely on the more universal values ​​of empathy and social justice.

Love relationships and family

In 2018, the importance of the family will be key. If someone starts lonely in the Chinese New Year, he will also be the real counterpart to him before the 2019 New Year.

The Year of the Chinese Earth Dog, 2018 – short

We must not forget that the zodiac sign of the Chinese dog is also a symbol of intelligence and protection that refers to a sensitive period. There will be activists, students, but ordinary citizens who feel hopeless and socially excluded. To change this, more people will be rebellious, but conflicts will not go into excessive violence, rather focus on communication.